Behind Charity Case™ are a group of volunteers that devote their precious time and energy to help make each and every Charity Case™ show an event. From the stagehands that arrive hours before show time to load the trucks and set up the stage, to the people who sell the merchandise that keeps us Rockin’, all of the people involved have contributed to the successful family that we call Charity Case™. We are "The Hottest Cover Band in the Land" and enjoy every minute
of it.    


Jason Malagisi
Band Manager/Guitar Tech

Jerome Goodman
Crew manager/Guitar Tech

Bryan Lehoux
Drum tech

Candice Lackey
Merchandise Sales/Stagehands





Kevin Vanover
Lighting Director

Trey Blair
Front of House Engineer

Craig Landau
Master Luthier

Misty McCarty
Facebook and Marketing








Frank Olszewski   
Web Design  

Wayne White   
Photographer and all  
around Great Guy