What do you do after you’ve made over $1.3 million for charity? You make a documentary of course!! Yes, Charity Case™, the band that started as a radio “bit” in 2001 has been filming a documentary telling the story of this incredible family that is Charity Case™. The story is a lot more than music. It’s love, charity, giving, loss, grieving and ultimately the triumph of music and people who love and care for each other. The documentary will conclude with concert footage from the upcoming Charity Case™ show (the first in over 4 years) which will be held Saturday, December 9th at The Premier, a live music venue, in Hickory, NC and we want you to be a part of it. It’s a free show but you must have a ticket. AceTJ Prime members will get an email Wednesday with details and the first chance to get their free tickets. Everyone else will have a chance to get tickets starting Thursday right here at There is also a special VIP package that get you front off stage guaranteed and a special VIP cash bar for the night for just $25. Get those tickets here also starting Wednesday! The Radio Family has turned this radio “bit” into an incredible story and we want you to be a part of the final chapter of this story…the Charity Case™ documentary film!!!